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Hello Hardware Buddies,

I have inserted a new RAM of 1GB (1024 BM, 400GHz) but when I check my system properties, I see only 0.98 GB. Why so? How can I show that as 1GB only.

I have:
Wind XP SP2, Intel Inside P4, 3.06 GHz Processor.

Please let me know why this is happening even though if i can't change it.


i dont think its a problem, sum decimel/ hex/ binary conversion rule dat is
2 verify use sum 3p hardware detection tool like Everest Home Edition 2c how much u got

my 512 MB RAM is shown as 512 in sys Properties ans 511.48 in Sys Information


arun_chennai said:
u might be using Onboard Graphics....

if utalkin abt me den no i got dedcated grafix card
and ne way even if 1 d00ds got onboard grafix, d physical memory wud remain same


* Teh Flirt King *
^^ Yes it will remain same but it will show less in System Properties box.
(And bhutanesedude is reffering to System Properties Box.)
What System Properties Box Shows is --> Total Ram - Ram Shared for Grafix.

So bhutanesedude, dont panic, the ram not shown is shared by your onboard grafix chip. :)
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