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my pc is restarting due to ZTE ZXDSL 831All modem of BSNL.

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today i got a bsnl broaband connection and i got the ZTE ZXDSL 831All modem with it. after sometime of using the intenet the system suddenly restarted on it own.then i continued working again and then the system restarted again.
i think the restarting is due to the ZTE ZXDSL 831All modem.
any one else has this modem and faced similar problem?????


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mycomputer->properties->advanced->startup and rrecovery(settings)->automatically restart

remove tick mark from this

if not your modem may be culprit


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AFAIK it can't be router if connected to LAN. If you use PCI LAN card then try some other card. This usually happens in case of LAN card problem.
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