My first bike: Suzuki Gixxex: The first experiences



Im in love with the bike, its so goddamn smooth, rode for 14 kms today. I never had much road confidence but after taking this baby for a spin, its so easy to control and turn, even with full fairing.
I have yet to recieve proper riding gear, I ordered on amazon, so not taking taking it on highways.


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congratulation! Bike is good,but not suitable for me. Cannot run away on it after looting a bank.


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I guess you would need a Duke for that. Isn't it?
No not at all interested in micromax of bikes (sorry but that's my thinking).

Anyways my thread is deleted thus I repeat I want to rent a suzuki GSX-1300R hayabusa in red and black colour with atleast michelin pilot road 4 tyres. If anybody knows any reliable shop in delhi let me know.
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