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My blog queries..Help me out...

Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by Charley, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. Charley

    Charley Just Do It

    Feb 12, 2005
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    M8's, pls answer these queries....

    1. where shud i insert the clicksor, adbrite code given to me in my BLOG template?

    2. How do i put another website logo[for instance Thinkdigit] in my BLOG

    3. How do i add my own logo, in the BLOG?

    4. How do i put in the trade links in my BLOG?

    5. I need to add the Google SEARCH code[below the sidebar or above it] in my blog, but where do i insert it?

    6. How do I insert the Google sidebar in between or below. I have them on the top now.

    7. How do I paste this code in a FORUM signature.. It is here

    <marquee style="width:300px;background:white;font-size:large;color:firebrick;">
    This text is a simple scrolling
    marquee that only works in Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
    It's simple HTML, no script needed.

    Hoping to get responses soon....Cheers....
  2. sujithtom

    sujithtom New Member

    Aug 14, 2004
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    Not anywhere near you
    About Blog Releated Questions:

    Dude your answers depend on where ur blog is.

    First if it is Blogger (yourname.blogspot.com)
    After logging in, click the Template from your blog control panel and you will be presented with HTML of the template of your page. You can copy and paste the script code of ads, google search bar and such things in there. If you care to read the code you will easily understand where the sidebar is, where the main page is and such thing, contact me for further help on this. :D

    If you are using WP hosted in ur own server
    Sinply edit the source code of you page.

    P.S you can add your own stuff in blogs stored in WP server.

    Other releated qns (assuming you are using blogger)
    Just copy and past the link to your blog. Make sure the format is same as the format of the link and tag of the "Powered by Blogger" button.

    Dude replacing your blog name with a picture is not good b'coz websited especially popularity checking websites derives your blog name from the main heading so you did better keep the title of your blog in text itself.

    In the template page you must find out where the Google News link is and below it (or over it) paste this

    Qn 5 and 6 discussed earlier

    In thinkdigit forum Signatures are not allowed atleast for now! Some forums don't support marquee. For the ones which support simply paste the code into the signature box in your personal settings.

    Hope this was useful to you.
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