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I dont understand why you guys still saying axis bank debit card will work on google play.

Please update in the OP that Axis Bank Visa Debit Card DOES NOT work with Google Play Store.

I have confirmed it myself. IT DOES NOT WORK. I have mailed both google and axis bank and received replies telling me the same.

Also.. this guy here is telling the same thing and he has also given screenshots of replies from Axis bank.

Axis Bank VISA Debit Card users will not able to buy Apps from Google Play Store

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neither it works on itunes indian account.Do check.


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guys just got a new axis bank debit card..its mastercard..i just wanted to know if visa is better in making online purchases?
if i get some major advantage then i might ask the bank for a visa card:-D.. extremely useful thread though ..keep the good work guys..:-D


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My Citibank Debit Card (MasterCard) worked on namecheap.com, without going through any hassles like entering Internet Pin.
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I am closing my Citibank account as they have increased the minimum balance to 1 lakh!!! :( It was working fine with paypal for source of funds. Now i need to open a new bank account that works with international payments such as ccavenue, paypal, ebay.com..

Does Canara Bank's or Indian bank's or IOB's debit card work with the above payment options? Or should i open an account with ICICI or AXIS? Please do advise.



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well my ICICI debit card works for Steam and Paypal but stops working for iTunes .. apparently the card payment method is declined .. sheesh
on that note, the canara bank debit card I have works on iTunes store :s

Edit : within 6 hours of posting this, the Canara Bank card also stopped working rofl
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got Axis Youth Account :)
works on Steam , purchased games , waiting for Sale.. , but argh , it doesn't work on Origin ,
Any info , which type of card will work on Origin .


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It's best to get a Fixed deposit done in SBI and get a credit card against that. They charge very little for the credit card itself.


Is MasterCard better then Visa for online shopping? I've observed that MasterCard issues Discount Codes for eBay India but never came across any such offers from Visa.


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guyz does Axis Bank Debit Card still works with steam ? coz mine is not working. its a brand new Debit card i just received in place of my previous expired Debit card previous one used to work just fine but now this new one is not working steam is saying the same **** "your credit card company has declined the transaction".


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Is MasterCard better then Visa for online shopping? I've observed that MasterCard issues Discount Codes for eBay India but never came across any such offers from Visa.

Well my dad received discount codes for Jabong for online usage of his VISA card.


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using VCC with paypal is risky as it may result in account suspension.reason is every VCC generated has a different card number & paypal finds it suspicious that an account use multiple cards.since VCC can be used only once you have to generate a new VCC every time you make a purchase.only way around this problem is by getting a VCC add on card provided by ICICI.it is different from other VCC in the sense that its card number is fixed & does not change.you have to just recharge/fill it with money from your primary CC & once you make purchase it gets empty so next time for making purchase you have to fill it again but the card number remains same so no suspecting by paypal.

according to some posts i read on another forum icici debit card seems to be working with paypal.


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Got an SBI Account opened a few days back, without any hassles.
I applied for an account online, filled all the details there only, printed the form with all the details, submitted it in the nearest branch of the bank with the necessary KYC documents, and that's it. The system had the A/C No. generated for me, so, got that instantly. Got the standard SBI Silver debit card and the welcome letter, yesterday. Will go to the branch tomorrow to surrender the silver and apply for an SBI Platinum Debit. Hope that, the SBI VCC lets me get through CC transactions.


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^^read my above post regarding using VCC with paypal.btw i know for a fact that SBI VCC is only valid for transactions in rupees within the country(unless they just changed their terms).


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Thanks for the info on using VCC with Paypal. What I meant was regarding the transactions where Credit Cards are exclusively required. For example, till a few months back, GoDaddy, had Paypal/Credit Card as the only payment option for a purchase. So, VCC can come in handy in such scenarios.

BTW, GoDaddy has added Indian Debit Cards and Net Banking for making payments for purchases (In case anybody didn't knew that).
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