Mtnl Triband Real probs...

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Ankur Gupta

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My router has been replaced a couple of times but no other problem till now.
I always get above 30KBPS.
while downloading flash 8 from macromedia site yesterday i was getting 36KBPS avg speed !!!!


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i think.. your prob is more cause of bad wriing/low quality wiring/ exchange not upto the mark(like mines is)and plus yo might be having parallel lines after your connection..


yah i do get the prob many a times. and i have to restart the modem by removin the pin and inserting again.
but that dosen gives an error saying sumthing's wrong with the lan connection.soi have to restar my pc completely when this ocuurs. i suppose i get the lan prob bcoz ive connected router to usb port.bu it is very irritating at times
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