MSI RX 1300 Pro 256 MB

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How about this new graphics card [MSI RX 1300 Pro 256 MB] from ATI/MSI. How does it rate when compared to Geforce 6600 & 6600 GT. Isn't it supposed to be superior than 6600. If so then, this should be better option, because it costs arround 8000.


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wait for nvidia 6600 ddr 2 model .. costs in usa are 99-119 dollars .. :lol:

performs very good and has tremendous overclocking potential and when overclocked performed closed to 6600gt and yes it performs somewhat better than 1300 pro .. so wait to it to arrive in india and then make a decision ... myself waiting for its agp version :lol:


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@prem dude ur same post is already in grapix related sticky then why one more post?go for one of the card which u think suits u betta and which is in ur budget dun wait,widin evry month or 2 nu cards r being launched so i dun think u shud wait else u will keep on waitig for sumthin nu betta buy it rite now.
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