Mp3 Player under 9k - iaudio 7

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I need an mp3 player only for music video not required
max budget 9000rs.
i need a long lasting battery
so after a lot of searching on internet i think cowon iaudio 7 will b a gud choice
what do you think??


Iaudio 7 is a very good player with a claimed battery life of 60 hours for audio.

The sound quality is one of the best in the market. although please do invest in a decent set of earphones/headphones.

its brother, D2 is like the king of the MP3 player market in terms of features and quality.

its a 2.5" touch screen device with expansion capability, SQ is one of the best, battery life is claimed at 52 hours for audio. you may find the 4gb version of D2 for about 9k here in india, and you can expand its capacity to watever u want (i.e. whatever size memory card u put in).

with the iaudio 7 u will be limited to its inbuilt 8gb capacity. (you are talking abt the 8gb version right? because the 4gb version costs around 6.4k).
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+1 for Cowon D2. I too wanna buy it but no money as of now. I just wish it gets cheaper and remains available for atleast 1 year (hope manufacturing doesnt stop).
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