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MP3 & MPEG player for Fedora Core 3

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Hi :)

i ve recently installed the Fedora Core3. they says all mp3 support is withdrawn from their distro.

what can i do. to change mp3 s to ogg is not practical. is there any free player available. (i ve used Mandrak & Suse before and there was support for all media including divx, dvd, mp3,mpeg etc). Pls help


Cyborg Agent
just download yum.conf and place it in /etc/yum.conf Next give the command yum install xine and you have all the playback you want. About ogg sorry never tried that.


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Hey I m a bit late
but for mp3 d/l mp3 plugine from freshrpms.net
nd for mpeg or divx or eck dec LFY it hv mplayer source code compile it and then enjoy ur stuff.
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