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Mp3 as ringtone ! ! !

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can anybody suggest me a mobile, which would play an mp3 song as my ringtone ???
ie will b editing some part of mp3 song & saving as my ringtone in .mp3 format ...

bt while playing, mp3 quality shouldnt deteorate (low as mono) ... playing quality should b same as mp3 player ...

have heard on my 6600, it was very BAD ... any phones plz ???


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moto e398 is pretty good! stereo speakers too! which i guess none other phone offers!

if u need video rec. try k700i. its a great phone!


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Nokia 6630......... u also get stereo headset with the package which is excellent and u don't have to compromise on sound quality for setting mp3 as ringtones, also support expandable memory upto 1GB I think so storage is no problem. Cenrtainly could replace ur mp3 player.


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se k700i has amazing sound quality
my fone has usher's yeah as ring tone...it really rocks man


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SE K300i

yo baby...
all depends on what ur budger buddy...
Try sony K300i
Mp3 tones,wma,midi tones...along with composer...
also has video recoding,,,
has IR... :p
but 12mb memory , small screen size , no bluetooth are its cons... :roll:



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Babe all these things go for a Nokia 6600 or 6630
if want stero go for 6630 other wise go for 6600
I personally pocess a 6600 it will not let u down


I use a 3230. It supports Mono Mp3 and i encode my ringtones in 64 kbps mono which is pretty decent. The average duration of a ringtone for me is around 15 - 20 sec.

I dunno abt 6600 though. IMO 6600 doesnt play MP3 ringtones. they must be Oggvorbis. And It is said that 3230 is louder than 6600.

N6630 and SE K750i are good options if you want to play stereo mp3


convert the mp3 into wave using blaze media convertor , cut the portion u want with the sound recorder , u can increase the volume too with sound recorder and convert it back to mp3.................................and thats how u make a good ringtone....

but "bass" in the song screws up the whole idea.....................it jarring to yr ears when u listen


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can u tell me a freeware application

hi all & beaditya san,

U hve given a mp3towav convertor...
as we are using them for fun i think buying such products is not worth while. 8)
so can u tell me some freeware for
#1.Mp3 to Wav convertor
#2. Mp3 cutter.....



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rajat22 said:
Nokia 3230

Why are you always .. giving 3230 .. 3230... 3230 ..

Its a scrap..

Tell me would you himself buy this fone .. when forum is filled with
3230 has software issues

Do this .. go to a Near by Nokia-care centre
asks .. 3230 hangs or not ..

then, you will not even say 3230


don mind man... but its the truth..


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3230 never hanged with me. May hang in hand of inexperianced user.
Using it perfectly with 256 MB mem chip.
Nothing can beat it. You should only know how to use it.
Dont mind man.
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