Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


Chillum Baba
^^ And rating is subjective too. If it makes him laugh like hell, even 9.5 is justified for him. asingh has rated Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy 10/10 where I would rate it 5/10. But I know it is a 8 and above material. It's just that it was too heavy and slow for me. There are very few movies like Gunda (10/10), where the rating matches for everybody.

quan chi

mortal kombat
As far as ratings go as mentioned earlier Tinker tailor solder spy has nothing much to offer.Its just that same old story presented in s slow dramatic and of course a bit of complex way too.
But in the end 7.8 is the best i can give.


Scent of a woman was a really nice movie. Loved it. :)

Al Pacino was really really good in his role. Movie is worth watching for his role alone. No unnecessary melodrama, and the movie strikes the balance between the old man's pain and the kid's dreams.


Broken In
Are you gonna take it to home? :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I wish.
wait a minute ! It is actually availave at my home. :p
ask google[/QUOTE]

yes, that is the easiest way but there is no fun.
i mean if we can create a poll or something like that in TDF that lists all movies according to release date and genre and then let users rate/vote movies -- that would be more helpful for all.


Aspiring Novelist
Good acting by the female lead, Virginia Madsen. Rest are OK.
You can check it out.
Already did a year back. Saw it's sequel a couple of months back. The first one really stood out in terms of the chill factor. The whole look and vibe of the film was pretty creepy.


Wife requested to watch my type of movie; so decided to watch Shutter Island. She loved it and said she hasn't watched such type of twisted ending waala movie.


Gadget Freak
In The Name Of The Father (1993)-8.5/10
A small time thief from Belfast, Gerry Conlon, is falsely implicated in the IRA bombing of a pub that kills several people while he is in London. Bullied by the British police, he and four of his friends are coerced into confessing their guilt. Gerry's father and other relatives in London are also implicated in the crime. He spends 15 years in prison with his father trying to prove his innocence with the help of a British attorney, Gareth Peirce. Based on a true story.
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