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Tanu Weds Manu (2011) - IMDb 6/10

Well 6 is a bit more for this movie, but keeping in mind Madhavan's performance, 6 can be given.

Well, why do you need to remake "Jab we met" so soon, when that movie is still fresh in memory of people?

Story: U know
Direction: Formula directing. And miserably failed in directing Kangna. It seemed that she was allowed doing whatever she wanted.
Screenplay and dialog: Lots of cheesy lines, does not at all invoke emotion in you (well, a few are good I say, but that is like 2%)

And Kangna sucks!!! She is actually worse than Amisha Patel. And consider that as an insult.

Should you watch? If you have seen "Jab we met" or Madhavan's another movie "RHTDM" u've seen all.


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127 Hours - Loved every bit of it. Only Danny Boyle could have done justice to the script. Rahman's score is OKish.

The Tourist - Slow, builds up a predictable suspense, which a KG student can guess and a lame end. Jolie and Depp try their best to look younger.

The rite - Lovers of Exorcism of Emily Rose, this one's for you. Quite spooky (depends on the way you interpret it). Hopkins is good. But the script is even better.


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Carriers - A zombie movie with a soul and hardly any zombies. Slow but effective. The ending could have been better but overall execution is good.


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Dog Soldiers 6/10

Boring movie. Too lengthy for its concept.

The Fighter 8/10

An average story and let me tell you without Bale it would have been just another boxing movie. Bale just stole every scene he was on. You would not want to see others when he's on screen.

THIS is a really oscar deserving performance.


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Derailed, Cool, Really nice, I hate Jennifer Atkinson though. :)

Derailed (2005) - IMDb
The look on the Hotel owners face when he takes back his briefcase with the money by showing his ID to the police officer was priceless.:)

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins - Movie about a family reunion with Martin Lawrence trying to impress his family on how successful he is.Funny and watchable.
Grudge 1/2 - Better horror than some.
Clear and Present Danger - Nice Clancy with Harrison Ford.
Flight of the Phoenix - Plane crashing in the desert and desperate survivors try to build it again.Good viewing.

Also anybody watch the The Burbs and Almost Heroes?


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Dog Soldiers was quite good IMO.

Planet of the apes (2001) - Watched it again as I had watched it long back. Amazing movie with a brainfk ending. Better you all watch it and be ready for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, also featuring Frieda Pinto amongst the list.

Yeh saali Jindagi - Had very high expectations. And first half lived up to it. Was a letdown in second half as it was too stretched. Too many unnecessary twists. It was sorta copy of several British Gangster comedy movies. The vocabulary and swearing was amazing. Probably first time the liberal use of maa-behen galiyas.
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Watched Rob-b-hood the other day. Any other movie of Jackie Chan which anybody could recommend.
Maybe Rush Hour or Who am I or Rumble in the Bronx?


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Watched Rob-b-hood the other day. Any other movie of Jackie Chan which anybody could recommend.
Maybe Rush Hour or Who am I or Rumble in the Bronx?

Rumble in the Bronx and Who am I has some kickass movies of Jackie chan that i love is the "Armor of god" series and "Police story series"...they are the must watch....


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LA Confidential. Nice suspense movie.

Any1 here watched Record 1 and Record 2 ? awesome movie.
and make sure you watch the original and not English dub.


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The Legend of Drunken Master was grade A action flick, but it lacked the comedy element that most of Chan's movie possessed. Rumble in the Bronx was awesome. Others I would definitely recommend would be; Rush Hour 1 & 2 (skip 3), Shanghai Noon & Shanghai Knights, City Hunter, Armour of God, Who Am I, Twin Dragons, Mr. Nice Guy, Thunderbolt and Police Story series.
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