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Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


The High 5 Flyer
Would u mind if I say, those are forced connectivity.

U show a character in part one. Nothing much has been told about him/her. Not much focus is on him/her. May be in one scene he/she ws shown filling a glass of water from a cooler at an incident spot or walking by another incident spot.

Now, when u sit down to make sequel, u really don't have a story, u have the fortune and fame infront of u, and u want to encash it again.

U do a research (good research though) to find any character which is not explored (exposed) in previous part.

U choose two-four such.
Do a more research whose appearance was close to incident spot in first installment and then u sit down to create a story around him/her.

SAW1: He's a psycho
SAW2: A bit on why he's doing such things
SAW3: same as above
SAW4: same as above + why he's psycho
SAW5: Now to stretch it, u put a flashback to him. Its done by every film. Watch any South movies. There every movie has to be of 3hrs. So, to stretch the length, always the hero or villain has a flashback. And, obviously u put a partner with him, he had partner previous also, but this time u r told he had another one. So, if he had two partners, why not three, why not it was someone else who was controlling him?

I completely differe here, I dont think they were forcely connected, though openion would obviously differ if you ask me I'd say they found an innovative way to connect sequels instead of actually trying to find a linear way to create a sequel( which probably would have ruined the experience). But then thats my take.

Also I am surprised you say that nothing has been shown/discribed about characters in SAW series, every character and the reason Jigsaw chooses to terminate him/her has been expleined in all subsequent series, with an in evident ending.

The way you have discribed SAW series, anyone can discribe to completely ruine even a cult classic.

Terminator 1 : Some robot comes from future to kill
Terminator 2 : Same robot comes again to save
Terminator 3 : same as above
Terminator 4 : None of the above

so now does that make Terminator series crap. Think before you actually put an example to prove your point (which you might actually have)

Back to the future part one is good.
But the second part is incomplete without third.
For this movie, Part1 doesn't raise a question for a second part but part two sure asks a third installment.

I was merely Inferring to the level of interest that was generated to an extent that I could not wait to view the sequel for even one day.


Chillum Baba
Antibodies- After Pandorum, I am director Christian Alvart's fan. Watched Antibodies, a German movie, which is based on serial killings. As expected, awesome direction though there is a tinge of few Hollywood movies. Interesting result though. This is being remade by the same director in Hollywood. To be released next year.

One comment on imdb says: Watch it before Hollywood ruins it!


Seven Days Sunday Caught it long ago at a film festival. A dark take on life. A must watch for many of us who are addicted to Chillum, etc. :p
Posted again:
Its a german film though. Chillum's reference to Germany reminded me of this.

EDIT : IMDB Link. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0484888/
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Broken In
Funny People-4/10

A serious film about stand-up comedians. Some of the funny parts were really funny, but not enough to redeem the film. Too long and dragging, imho. You can give it a miss.


Aspiring Novelist
Paranormal Activity - 7/10. Provided goosebumps at some points. It's best to watch it without any disturbance and with proper ambience. Since it's recorded with a handy cam the sound isn't as good as your normal dose of movies, so you'll probably need total silence around.


Ambassador of Buzz
^^The last 4 days were good. Before that it was a bit slow and boring.

Amores Perros (2000) - 8/10 - Mexican movie. Awesome direction. Its like a jigsaw puzzle. Movie is about dog fighting and a lot more. Must watch guys.

The Night of the Hunter (1955) - 4/10. This movie is rated at 98% on rottentomatoes and 8.1 on imdb, but i felt its too over hyped! Although there's a thrill in some scenes. Did not like that much that it should be 98%.


Pura Handa Kaluwara (Death On A Full Moon Day) [1997]


A good film about the plight of a family whose only breadwinner has been killed in the war against LTTE. As it is evident, it's a Sri Lankan film. Uses little to no music, but I feel that this style is unique. Some glimpses of excellent cinematography (if you choose to ignore the production quality due to low budget) and most praise reserved for the lead actor Joe Abeywickrama. As an old ailing sightless father of the person killed in the war, Joe delivers a powerful performance, almost driving the entire film by the gentle force of his portrayal of aged Wannihamy. I like such films, but I am sure, not everyone would. This is very hard to find, I have an original DVD of it which a friend bought from Sri Lanka. If you guys ever get a chance to watch it, please give it a shot. Don't expect anything from it as it is one of those movies whose power is in its subtlety.


Staff member
Pandorum - Nice sci-fi. Must watch.

2012 - Stupid movie is stupid. :))

Amores Perros (2000) - 8/10 - Mexican movie. Awesome direction. Its like a jigsaw puzzle. Movie is about dog fighting and a lot more. Must watch guys.

Awesome movie. REEEECHEEEE...little annoying thing.:grin:
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