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Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


Ambassador of Buzz
Hotel rwanda - 9/10

After many years.. I cried when I am watching a movie.

I don't know if it just me or something.. i found this similar to schindler's list. Any one felt that?

Hollywood's style of making "Based on a True Story" is amazing they really put in a lot of effort in the details! Man.... Africa is still so lagging behind because of these issues!


Judgement Time!!
was watching Definitely Maybe movie today on HBO...i must say its a great movie..nice story,good actors..I would give it 7/10


Bad to the bone
I saw "Street Kings" couple of weeks back. Nice work by (for a change) Keanu Reeves. This no non-sense cop movie has a good pace and some thrilling gun fights.



Broken In
Okay...I am officially declaring myself a Tarantino fanboy.

Inglourious Basterds-15/10

Not a perfect movie by any means. Set out to find faults with it and you will find many...plot loopholes, unanswered questions...whatever...

But... WHAT an awesome ride! Unforgettable characters, incredible suspense, crisp storytelling...I loved every minute of it...

HIGHLY recommended!

Disclaimer: ...all my personal, humble opinion of course.


Chillum Baba
^^^ Was it a repeat watch or watched it this late? As somebody said, some good things happen late in life :)

I had to watch it twice before I totally fell in love with the movie.
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