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Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


Rockin g33k
chicha said:

they made a good movie though it was from a novel by james hardly chase. i do not exactly which one.

there was a movie long time back 10+years or so, i saw it in star movies and strangly i never saw that movie again.
it was about a college kid who get this black sports car as a gift, he then uses this car to kill all the ppl who bully him.

if i am not wrong there are two movies like this.
but in this, the kid races his bullies and crash into them, then the car is regenerated from any of its parts.

could any one tell me the name of the movie.

the name of the movie is christine..awesum movie


Google Bot
Just seen Ratatouille.. Damn good movie. Brad Bird + John Lasseter Simply rock.
See it. See it. See it.


NP : Crysis
^^yeah, they both were gr8....however i just didn't like 13....started it twice, left it both the times


Wise Old Crow
Flying Boys

Its a Korean movie(ofcourse watched with Eng subtitles.).

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STOMP THE YARD - al about dance

The_Devil_Himself said:
^p0rn?che che.

anyways guys do watch deja vu if you haven't watched yet.The illusionist is pretty good too.

deja vu is a good movie......bole to jhakaas
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Wise Old Crow
Tareen Zameen Par.
Oh God..its a brilliant movie. It really made me cry and think. Everything in the film is excellent : the storyline, acting, background scores, songs, acting, cinematography... wow!
It will be an award winning film.
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