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The Sexy Beast
^any one who liked delhi 6 should read the article on it in today's Mumbai Mirror.

if u didnt like it why give it a 6 imo it deserves a 5/10 max


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^^thats why I stopped giving It simply doesnt matter, just a matter of personal taste and experience in movie watching.


I suggest watching this 10 movies atleast

1. Hackers(1995) : Imdb : The main attraction of this movie is cyber-war between Acid Burn i.e Angelina Jolie and Zero Cool played by Jonny lee miller. Though movie got an average rating but this movie is worth watching.

2. Antiturst(2001) : Imdb :A computer programmer’s dream job at a hot Portland-based firm turns nightmarish when he discovers his boss has a secret and ruthless means of dispatching anti-trust problems.


^lol on Hackers. Thats the lamest movie i have seen about hacking.

Recommend some flicks from Brian De Palma.
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Chillum Baba
Let the right one in - The latest swedish horror movie. Few good scares and a decent storyline. Something similar to The Hamiltons.

p.s. - Just saw imdb reviews and its rated quite high. Few queries too got cleared thanks to imdb forums and FAQs. Now I recommend this movie. :)
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Violent serenity.
Watched Punisher War Zone. Pretty good flick. Would give it 7/10. It also features Psychosocial from Slipknot ^_^

And also watched The Orpahnage... great movie.. .8/10


Call me Sumit
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How's Valkyrie?? No one, eh??
Valkyrie is OK..I am great lover of WWII history and films..Tom Cruise ne utni achhi acting nahin ki..jitni expected thi ..and after watching such masterpieces as "Schindler's list, Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the gates ..Valkyrie is so so

Compared to this..The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas is far far better

My rating VALKYRIE : 6/10


Please suggest me some nice english movie. Genre:Thriller/Action/Horror.
something in the lines of seat of edge thriller which would keep us glued to the TV till the movie is running. Preferably family viewing. One scene here and there is ok.


Call me Sumit
Amazing action - THE ITALIAN JOB :).. with awesome soundtrack

Thriller : CUBE Series

Horror : 1408
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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


I wanted to give it 10/10 but I don't why I am always reluctant to give anything a 100%.
klute-the movie has a slow and deliberate pace but those moments give an insight into the charcters feeling(well jane fonda anyway) ,fantastic acting by everyone and the background score is very good


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-Handheld cam used throughout the movie, stunning stuff... a monster movie

City of Ember
-Somewhat like Dark City (without the aliens), but with kids. Really good.


A Tale of Two Sisters... nice movie : would rate 8/10 :D [9 would've been the rating but that reading subtitles took half the fun in watching that movie :( ]

btw, anyone watched the hollywood remake of this movie ?? how is it ?
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