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Went to theater after a long time and that was a let down experience.

Shang Chi 5/10

This is a boring movie. Should have started at second half (well, in Indian theaters we've the concept of intermission so should have started from intermission).
Everything before that could have been told in a voiceover.
On similar concept, Raya and the Last Dragon in Hotstar is better.

The Hero lacks enough motivation, the Villain is 1000 years old but can't seem to get his head around reality and therefore lacks enough motivation to do what he was shown doing.

Seemed liked they planned the climax fight scene first (maybe shot first too) then built a story around to reach the climax as soon as possible.



Democracy is a myth
To those who going to come with the logic: Its a comic book movie!!
We've seen better movies from Marvel, haven't we? Shang Chi is a badly made movie; if you have to watch this movie, wait for it to release in Hotstar but don't waste your money to watch in theater.


Democracy is a myth
Bhoot Police 5.8/10 (Hotstar)

Seems to be inspired by 'Supernatural' I mean the core concept of two brothers working as ghostbusters and fatehr being an expert in that filed is too much of a coincidence.

Even ignoring that, should have working on its length and may be we would have got a thoroughly enjoyable movie. Spent too much time on little gags just for laughs.

Saif can now act in such roles in his sleep, Arjun....I'm sorry but still can't act. Only Dibakar Banerjee made him show some acting skill in "Sandeep and Pinky Faraar".
He needs to work with Dibakar Banerjee more to hone his acting skills.
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