Motorola Proposes Standardized Java Software Stack

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Cellular-News is reporting that Motorola has sent out an invitation to other manufacturers and developers to create a unified Java Micro Edition (Java ME) software stack for the mobile industry. The move would simplify development and testing for applications, reducing the costs associated with bringing Java ME software to the market, and will aide in Java's long-standing goal of allowing one application code base to run on multiple platforms.

"We see industry fragmentation and proprietary software models as an obstacle to harnessing the full power of innovation in the mobile Java ecosystem. We believe developers, customers, partners, and the industry at large will benefit from a new open source model," said Mark VandenBrink, senior director and chief platform architect, Motorola Mobile Devices business.

Motorola proposes that the stack should be developed and released under the Apache License Version 2.0, an open source license designed to support collaborative development across both non-profit and commercial organizations.


This if executed correctly, will be best thing for J2ME game developers like me.. Right now, we have SE providing best common API support, while Nokia providing most number of APIs on their handsets. For developers it is nightmare to code for all devices.
'Right once, run everywere' does work for Java SE (one used in desktops), but for Java Micro Edition, scenario is changed. Devices are fragmented with respect to its heap size, max jar size, screen size, color depth, API support, input methods, and known bugs.
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