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motorokr e6 prob?

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i went to check out k790i and the salesman there had motorokr e6, he showed me the phone and i was so damn impressed, i dont want k790i anymore;):) im thinking of buying e6, but i have a few doubts...is the phone durable? i mean, its a touch screen, so does it spoil if u drop it? and also does the phone have any probs? i heard that even a bit of rain or sweat damages it... im a SE fan,so im havin a hard time trustiing moto:) wat do u think? is it hard to msg wit the qwerty keypad? is it proper for college use? plzz help me out:)


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Since you mentioned(if I remember correctly) you want a phone for atleast 2 years from now on, don't buy any of the current phones of any company., wait till the last week of Jan or first week of Feb, some new (better?) models will hit the market..,tsk..tsk!
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