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One question guys, I've encrypted my moto g. Now, it's letting me remove the pin/password from the setting.
How is this possible, I shouldn't be able to remove the password with the encrypted device.
I'm using moto g first gen, with 5.0.2


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Hello guys
One of my friend is facing a major issue on Moto G2
Whenever he gets a call the dialler doesn't show up on the screen. He has to manually open the dialler from the menu and then click on return to call to answer a call. Also there is no notification about the call on the status bar. I tried clearing dialler cache but issue persists


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yes, because i like this mobile.

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what is the price of this mobile on ebay ?
Can you elaborate why you like this than the 2nd gen.

First gen is not available in eBay.

IMO wait and get moto g 3rd gen which right around the corner.
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