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Monitor can't display graphics!

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Satissh S

I have a 17 inchsamsung sync master 753s monitor, Yesterday the monitor suddenly started to display some kinda distortions and now the monitor itself couldn't display or run the GUI. I have a leadtek GeForce 6800 GT and i'am currently using my TV to boot.
I have Ubuntu Breezy badger and Windows XP Sp2 Installed. I tried the monitor with my On-board graphics but the same thing happened. As soon as i booted into X, the monitor starts flickering and i see a red coloured line sorta thing in the middle. But the text mode works perfectly fine. Also when it happened first, I felt some kinda burning smell within the monitor. Since the monitor works, clearly this isn't the question of power supply connection lost.
Also is there some way to optimise text to be displayed clearly on the tv. I'am typing with a blurred screen, so bear with me if you see any typo ;) The text is clear only at a resolution of 300x200 :cry:
Also I wish to buy a good 19 inch or 21 inch monitor, What are the good brands. I don't want a samsung :evil: I will be using it for grafix using Gimp and Blender and some gaming in Windows.
Not open for further replies.
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