modem connects always 14000 bps

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my modem is 56K dlink it is connecting only with 14000 bps.i have tried all options & settings too but it's no use

please tell me what could be the problem

my modem is good


try this...
Control Panel> go to Properties, and set the Max speed as 57600 and Selcet/Check the option "Only connect at this speed"........


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was it connecting at higher speeds b4 or is it a new one connecting at only that low speed . Which OS are u using ?

INFO : I had to throw out one dlink motorola 56k chipset modem , coz it had a similar problem . Try getting a friends modem and see if that works fine and with good speed on ur system . I tried to do everything possible with the modem , only when i connected it to another pc and it connected at the same low speed did i take it would and bought a new krypton pctel 56k

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ya try out with ur friends modem
or first try changing the pci slot in which u have installed the modem dat might help
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