mobo+cpu at 8k

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i m planning to upgrade my pc from intel p4 to an AMD Athlon 64 3000+

can u plz specify a good combination for mobo and cpu (64 and 3.0ghz) which will be within 8k budget. mobo should have a pci-e 16x slot :D


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ok how about 10k
but basically i m wanting to upgrade for graphics.

Is there a good mobo with a good graphics card(onboard) with Shader 3.0 support???

and will that onboard graphics card be able to play all the recent games even though with some compromise in visual effects?


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AMD 3000+ and Asus A8N-VM

Pro. is around 5600 and mobo is around 5200. My dealer is telling me these prices. Dunno abt Mumbai.


i think that is not possible , the processor alone will cost u near 8k

i dont think thats true....amd athlon 3000+ 64 bit[939 socket] costs approx rs.6450,
64 bit [754 socket] one is 5550

for mobo [939 pin one] u can go for msi rs-482 or msi- rs-480m2 available for around 4800/-
although a bit is quite good as a mid-range board...onboard graphics will offer decent gaming performance now and since, it has a Pci-e slot, you can always add another graphics card later on.
future proof!!!
it is even a digit test award gold winner

total cost approx 11000/-


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well u can get AMD 939 3000+ and MSIK8NGM2-L for about 10,400 ...MB has 16xpciEx, SATA 2, nvidia 6100/410 chipset, 8 USB2.0 , SATA RAID 0,1,0+1, etc..) ....if u r on a tighter budget go for BIOSTAR T-series TForce 6100-939 or Foxconn 6100K8MA-RS MB which would cost u abt 3500 and processor(3000+ 939) abt total abt 9300.


answering ankur's query...

higher clocked semprons are a rarity in india....
u will rarely get higher than sempron 64 bit 2600+, priced at 3100
it is a 754 pin cpu

amd athlon 2800+ 64 bit 754 pin will cost 5100/-

amd athlon 3000+ 64 bit 754 pin costs 5600/-
while the 939 model will cost 6500/-

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Well i was just wondering...
is it not better to go for AMD sempron 2500+ rather than AMD sempron 2600+?
coz 2500+ has 256KB L2 cache while 2600+ has only 128KB L2 cache.
i think having a bigger cache scores over the 200Mhz difference b/w the two processors.
wat do u think?


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Athlon64 3000+ with MSI k8NGM2 iL. ...... the mobo comes with nForce 430 with onboard 6100 igp .... coupled with atleast 512 MB ram with 64 MB shared should be a pretty decent onboard configuration ....
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