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Padmaraj Bhat

Right off the assembly line

i have kept the same question previously in the wrong section of the forum.

i want u to suggest me that which of the following is better one .

/* my budget is 14,000 rs */

and i think these are the best competers for that cost;

k750 -> sony ericsson (11,500)rs

w700i -> sony ericcson (12,600)rs

6233 -> nokia (14,000)rs

i want to suggest the readers that the only difference between the k750 and the w700i are


k750i -> 30mb+64mb
w700i -> 20mb+ 256mb

sound clarity

it is better in w700i even if it is without he head phone. it can connected to the other speakers for the better clarity.


k750 is older than w700i (2006) and has the first place in the

and the rest and all the features are the same.

The major difference between the sony w700i and the nokia 6233 are

all the qualities in sony are there in the nokia with 3g(yet not in India), edge, screen size(slightly bigger) and sound clarity without the ear phone (very good). Rest and all it is same (but the memory is 64mb but cheaper to sony).

one more is that nokia is older than sony and
the model of the nokia i have specified is known as bussiness phone and sony is known as the walk man phone.

nokia doesnt have the good design when compared with the other two.

nokia doesnt have the camera cover and the camera light.

according to k750i places itself in third place.

And first in

where as the other two are the new releases.


my first preority is camera and then the mp3; after all the phone characterstics ....

i am a engineering student and i think i will have the phone atleast for two years.

so plz suggest me a good one with all these information.

/* (i think w700i is better; as it is an intermediate one and has the qualities of the both nokia and k750i, what is ur opinion ? ) */


y is that "Nokia" ,prefered only in India ?


// It is very difficult to make the decision to me as one is better than the other and hope it wont be for u.

// I think that this is the longest thread ever written. (kidding !)

// I hope that thread is written properly (as i am new to the forum).



Rockin g33k
hey if ur need is cam go for 750i.w700 doesnt hav autofocus and the pics cum out grainy.also k750i has the same engine as 700i only its speaker is a bit low.


Broken In
Nokia rules the market. SE has just established itself and it can never take away monopoly. Though, yes, there are really good phones in SE too. What you wanna go for is your own wish... If you wanna go for picture rather than music, then I'd suggest that you go for the K750i.
If you wanna go for music, then go for the W700i. Oh, and if you up your budget a little bit, you could go for the 3250 which comes with a bundled 512 miniSD. The sound clarity on it is exceptional. If it is a one time buy, I would seriously consider the 3250.


Padmaraj Bhat

Right off the assembly line
thanx for the wonderful reviews........

i am glad to tell u that i will be having either k750i or the w700i

it will be depending on the my friends quotes....


Livin' in the ghetto
Nokia Service and support is the best in the market, I've experienced it myself. In contrast I had an very bad experience with Motorola; haven tried SE so far but I've been told it's good. Another factor which makes nokia a better choice is the ad-on's or accessories for nokia are easily available and pretty cheap, SE needs to do some catching up on that. SE however has been on the forefront of bringing innovative sets; but Nokia is catching up on that .. so hard choice i guess....
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