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Mobile Broadband???

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Sorry for reviving a old thread.

This product is nothing but a USB modem which connects to service provider over edge/3G.
A similar product would be ZTE MF622

the reason for reviving the thread is to ask other fellow members the cost and place where i can get this. I have visited atleast 3 sony world showrooms and they are unaware of the same.

I already have a data connection from airtel and would like to buy a USB modem but since i do not want to get myself locked with the service provider i am looking for a open market product and not the airtel locked one.

Moreover, the airtel locked one is not 3G compatible. with MTNL about to launch 3G services in weeks to come and 3G auction on their way i think it would be waste of money to buy a non 3G product for data services right now.

forum members please help me in getting open (Non Locked) GSM/EGDE/3G USB modem which will work on airtel now and is future proof for atleast next 2/3 years as far as wireless data connectivity in india is of concern.

thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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