Mobile as MODEM-Pls explain!

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Hi friends,I have a Nokia 6610i with a prepaid connection in Airtel Chennai,Recently I've activated 'gprs'.I'm unable to use my 6610i as modem to browse in my PC thro' nokia cable.
What are the criteria required for a mobile to work as 'Modem'? Should I change my mobile? Is EDGE a must for it? I'm confused! Guide me for a better solution! Thanking all of you in advance.


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EDGE is not a must feature... you have class 6 GPRS mobile, you will get slow speed on GPRS... ur phone also has a modem, but nokia now stop providing its driver on their PC SUITE. So you have to find out a old PC SUITE version...


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to use 6610i as modem,,, u need nokia pc suite in ur computer, better use version 6.6 or 6.7,, 1st of all install the nokia pc suite,, nd install the drivers of data cable from cd,, (u get that cd along with data cable dk -5 ),, then restart ur computer.... plz sure that ur mobile should connect with ur computer,, open pc suite go to the manege connections,, choose serial cable then configure it at com X ( X = except than 1),, then ur mobile connect with ur computer,, it means that whatever drivers of data cable r installed.
now we want to use ur mobile as modem,, so we want ro install the modem on ur computer,, if ur mobile is connect with ur computer then configure serial cable at com 1, now
1. go to the control panel >> phone nd modem options
2. set ur dailing rules as per ur loction.
3. click at modem,, then add,, click at "dont dectect my modem..." next
4. click at nokia nd choose ur mobile from list and click next.
5. then it show ports to install ur mobile modem,, choose port execpt than com1,, if it doesnt show any port except than 1,, then it means ur port is used or driver are not installed properly. click at conitnue any way.
6. now ur modem is installed. go to the properties of modem,, then click at modem choose maximum port speed 230400.
click ok.
7. if ur modem is properly installed then,, restart ur computer,, (not necesary to restart).
8. now connect ur mobile to computer through data cable using com X,,
9. then go the one touch aceess,, chosse setting select ur mobile nd network ( Airtel india) click finish.
10. now click on connect,, and then u can access net on ur computer.

if it show 115. kbps internet speed,, then disconnect the net go to the control panel,, choose network connection,, there u see dial up connection click right click go to the properties click on configure and choose max port speed 230400. then again connect ur net. u should see 230.4 kbps speed. whatever it show 115 or 230 but actually its only a joke, actual speed may less than 40 kbps. better used ur internet at night or early mornig.
u also creat ur own dial up connection.. to use this dial up connection ur mobile should connect at com1 ,, may be not neccessary,, i just say from my experiance.
in ur mobile there may be a connectivity option in setting,, there may be a gprs modem setting,, in that setting u should access point "mobile office" or which apn adress is ""

i dont this will u help or not,, if not then ask me again or any other ur friend whi used such a internet.


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Ur phone has IrDA...try to connect it with wireless option...It gives double net speed n low battery consumption :!:
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