Minimum Hardware Requirements for Video Calling


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I am looking for a mobile device that is capable of streaming high quality video calls using Skype, Hangout etc.
In this post I focus on only one aspect - The Hardware Requirement.

Please let me know the Minimum Hardware Requirements for a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) to be able to stream 30-60 mins of live video over the net in a single video chat session. Specifically, please let me know what
Processor, GPU and RAM are required in such a device.

I am looking for a value for money device. The key here is the minimum requirement.
The performance of the device must be excellent. (without heating up, seamlessly).

Please refer:
Please look specifically under Requirements for Video Calls.

Thanks for your input.

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A front camera would do for video calling via Skype. But a phone with Android 4.2+ & 512MB RAM would be just sufficient for lag free Skype app experience.

If you would like to do video calling via network(w/o using internet), then get Micromax or Samsung phone

VFM phones for Skype, Hangout :
XOLO A500S vs Gionee Pioneer P3 vs XOLO Q700i vs XOLO Q900: Compare Mobiles:

But none of the above have atleast 720p front camera, which means not high quality videos(mostly the front camera won't be having auto focus, which is essential for high quality of video)
Note: I've only used A500S from the above list, so I don't have sufficient info. about the front cams of others


Lumia 720 may be the cheapest but WP8 is bad in terms of software compared to Android

You can also find Xperia ZL @ 24k, which has 1080p front camera

To save money, you can opt for Nexus 7 tablet, which has 720p front cam,1,G,9226359,g,search,,24937116620,1o1,,,c,,,,,,,&gclid=CPG51ZyIj7wCFYJU4godslIAcA
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Thanks anupam_pb. The Nexus 7 is a good choice. It also supports option to open office and pdf files which is great.


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720p is going to eat a lot of bandwidth. I video chat almost daily through Hangouts using my xolo q800 and truly speaking, the clarity is nothing to complain about. And it never heats up.
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