Microsoft To Exit the Zune Business?

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According to Microsoft's quarterly filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Zune platform experienced a revenue drop of 54 percent, or $100 million. This compares to relatively healthy sales of the iPod, which were up 3 percent in the same period (though revenue did drop by 16 percent). Obviously, with the recent job cuts at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, pundits are wondering how soon until the Zune also gets the chop. As one pundit wrote: 'Microsoft, by now, should be realizing that it's never going to be as "cool" as Apple, so why waste its time with the Zune where it has no competitive advantage?'"



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i think they should and put aside all those funds into the development of a light OS and forget about just improving on the existing vista/ win 7 architecture. i heard they were making a project called minwin. it would be amazing if they actually came up with something very small and very fast. they should stop all the glossy make-up they give to their OS. you can alway s download themes if you want to. the focus should not be on loooks..


who would blame them for giving up on ZUNE ! after all the problems it has had :lol: [like it going dead for a bit on new years eve or something etc]

PS: what about those having ZUNE ?? will they continue to get support ?? [or would they be left (lord) RAM bharose :p ]
The 100$ Zune was propably THE most VFM gadget ever released. Then MS decided to discontinue it and brought expensive stuff into the market, and now they are quitting. Wierd. When everything is so perfect, nobody except MS and Zimbabwein president Robert Mugambe and US President George Bush can ruin it.
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