Microsoft releases Vista Tweak Guide

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MS getting their hands dirty, so to say, to promote Vista as the ultimate OS.

This weekend, MS had released their final version of Windows Vista Performance and Tuning Guide, a part of the Springboard series and downloadable in pdf and xps formats. The tips are not entirely Vista-specific, but are well-categorized and layman-friendly and deal with single & (to a ~degree) enterprise environ.

Performance improvement can be done as in

- enhanced performance & reliability
- hardware boost
- configuration changes for faster boot & better response
- performance monitoring

Well, thanks to our trips to the forum & similar tweaking posts we know most of it (if not all). But might b real helpful for those who r casual users.
Basic tweaking, though.

So.. wanna hear from the big M itself.... take a stroll... ;)
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nothing new, same old tricks...disable startup pgms, disable visual effects, disable services...etc.


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Disable visual effects?! Are they serious? What about the flippy 3D windows? I mean that is one of the single greatest features of Vista!

On a less serious note, thanks for the share Kooly. Will definitely check it out.


I use vista, & I dont find any problems in it, initially I had some difficulties in using it, but now everything works smoothly
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