Back to school!!
At what resolution you usually play then ?? And which monitor you use ??
1680x1050, when I bought this monitor(Sammy T220) a 1080P monitor actually cost less, but as I said, I hate 16:9, and no 1920x1200 was available(budget was upto 20k).


System config? Make sure to play at DX11 maxed out(no aa) if you want to feel the beauty that is Metro.
i5 2500k 560ti @1080p. I got mostly below 30fps with DX11 maxed out no AA but I can take it so far.
Does texture filtering lowers fps ? I set it to minimum the last time.


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thw way the mask mists at the end of the filter life, FTW!!

plus, once the glass cracks in a fight, the refraction and broken view through the glass is absolutely phenomenal... wonder how this is gonna look on a wide screen LED :D [gonna buy soon]

talking about HD res. going to play it on HD res. though I may use some complete save file to as don't have much time to play the game from the beginning ... the last time I played the game at 1280*1024 and tested the game at HD res.

I play at 1080p. :cool:

^^ at everything maxed out do post some screenies ;-)
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