merits and demerits of custom ROMs


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thanks to digit to start a new sub section . i dont know much about custom roms(cooking or building them) but used many of them from xda forum. why not we discuss the merits and demerits of these custom roms
by using custom roms we can remove crap wares of the original rom BUT many times they are not very much stable.

now over to u guys.:):):)


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Use your device at its full strength.
Better Features.
Update to devices with outdated firmwares.

Hazardous to your device if performed wrongly.
No further warranty from Device manufacturer.


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Mobile Hardware manufacturers make clumsy, one-size-fits-all software for their devices. Mods can be used to fix bugs, speed up the software and get more out of your device.

On the other hand, modding can be tough... a bit risky. So, there is a risk of bricking the phone...


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Many people try to jailbreak their phones without knowing the right process and end up turning their phone into a brick.


I'm using C6 based CFW in my Nokia 5230 on that basis merits include
Ability to install apps that might be prohibited for you phone (if its a low end device)
Removing unwanted elements to speed up UI, incorporating popular apps as part of OS but best of them all
distinguishing ur phone from millions of similar phones and getting a fresh experience everytime you flash (not getting bored down)
but best of them all
distinguishing ur phone from millions of similar phones and getting a fresh experience everytime you flash (not getting bored down)


Rooting android is good because it can help u block unauthorized retrieval of information from ur phone through permissions.
And ROMS give u fresh experience. New look and feel everytime is not a bad thing.

I started with my SEW300. And now owns Google Nexus S.
Both the phones are still with me. Nexus S is just awesome.


i own a nexus s and m vry happy with it..
for the first 5-6 mnths i was thinkng eithr to install a custom rom or not..
bt i got so bored with d inbuilt rom.. tht i decided to move on
and now i keep on flashing a new rom evry week or so.. and m happy with tht..
can utilize the phone to its full power and functionality..

the nly thng is tht u need to tkcr or dangers or damages u could do to ur phone while rooting or flashing if nt done in a correct manner..
else u vl enjoy installing a new rom each time..



Better battery & Performance due to tweaks
Better Eye Candy


Bugs along the ROM
Hassle of restoring back to original everytime you need to go to the service center.

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^^Overclocking has got nothing to do with your ROM.
Eyecandy and battery life are inversly proportional.
Most custom ROMs(specially AOSP and AOKP ROMs are extremely bad for the battery)

It is the kernel which matters mosr,not the ROM.
Anyone with some very basic knowledge of Android file structure can modify the stock ROM according to his/her needs.
Most Android ROMs at xda now are just photoshopped stock.


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Sometimes the BUGS that come with some custom ROMS does not justify the performance boost it provides. I have found ROMS available that could significantly improve performance but you won't find basic things like even wifi/data conn. or camera working.
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