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memory stick duo in card reader???

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D PrankMaster
i recently bought a 14 in 1 card reader for my w800i..
please help me to find out that out of 4 slots where will the MS Duo go..
i've tried inserting it in every slot.
will i need an adaptor???


Broken In
you need a adapter which is supplied with the box... but i think it wont work coz i ve tried it many times to use mem card reader for ms duo with adapter i ve even tried it with three diffrent adapter and four mem card reader it wont read in mem card reader.. i think the data cable supplied with phone will do the trick.... u can still load songs witout using mem card reader..


Broken In
well, I guess there'll be two very big slots( for X Flash, Smart Media etc.). Ofcourse, Duo won't go into that. Out of the two left one is for the Noia MMC Card or MS card. The other is for Duo.
The key point is that you have to insert the duo with the reverse inside i.e. if the card reader is placed with its name on the top, then insert the duo such that the golden conductors are visible to you and the duo is on reverse. Got it? I hope so
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