Memory clock speed of ATI RADEON 9600 PRO AGP Cards

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The rated clock speed ratio of core speed (MHz) to memory speed (MHz) of the ATI RADEON 9600 PRO chipset is 400/600 . Recently, I have come across some budget AGP cards from POWERCOLOUR and GECUBE, which have this ratio as 400/400 and 400/366 respectively. How will these variation in the memory clock speed affect the performance of the AGP cards ?

AGP cards from CLUB and GIGABYTE have this ratio as the ideal 400/600. I presume these cards will be superior in performance than the earlier mentioned two cards from POWERCOLOUR and GECUBE.


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Powercolor has two models for the 9600pro the R96H-HC3 model with 128 MB DDR memory and clock speeds of 400/400, his version is also known as the 'EZ' version. While the R96A-PC3 model with 128 Mb ddr memory has clock rates of 400/600. The speeds in the former model might have been reduced to reduce the price of the card although i believe the difference in it isnt much. These slight variations in the memory clock speeds will give 'some' added advantage while playing games and especially during benchmarking.


The difference is mush about 40% due to lower memory speed


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Yeah, there are plenty of examples where cards with lower core and memory speeds manage to outperform those with higher speeds. For example, the Geforce 6800 Ultra has a significantly lower core spped than the ATI Radeon X800.......but still in many reviews and benchmarks that I've seen or read, the 6800 beats the X800 comfortably. I dunno the reason exactly, but maybe it's the architecture of the card that makes all the difference.

That was just an analogy - I don't think variations in memory speeds could lead to incredible differences in the card's actual performance (as much as 40%).
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