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Megaupload Help Plz..............

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Right off the assembly line
i m unable 2 dwnld file frm megaupload, even after providing the registry key "AlexaToolbar". any one plz help me..????

Curious Guest

I dont know whether this post is legal or not...
Anyhow follow the rule carefully....

1. Go to the following site:
2. Input the MegaUpload download link in the Address text box. (where you will see http:// in the box)
3. Uncheck (Unselect) all the options, like No Cookies, No Scripts, No Images, Hide Referrer, Hide User Agent, Hide Title, Hide Header.
4. Click on the button “I agree an wish to surf anonymously”.

And Enjoy


Right off the assembly line
Doesnt work for me :/ I cant download the file.. it`s like in a sec finished and nothing >.<"
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