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Max Threshold temp for GPU

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wts the max threshold temp for a GPU
im runnin a 8600GT
i hit a max of 84C today


Wise Old Owl
mine hit 94C yesterday . can u plz suggest application to record temp. i am currently using nvmonitor , but i need to alt-tab out of a game to see it and the temp decreases to 84C within a second. so anysoft to monitor temp continously ?


In the zone
You can use the logging facility of nvidia monitor itself. Log the temperatures at regular intervals and then after you quit the game just check the log file. Alternatively, you can also use Riva Tuner. I prefer the logging in Riva Tuner as it is in a graphical format.


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my 7900gt hit max 65c.normally its 52c.
65 c was when i was playing farcry at everything max settings.
my default gpu threshold is 130c
is it ok??


Wise Old Owl
It actually depends on the GPU itself .. but in general u can say , 90c should be the limit .. some cards do operate without any trouble over 90c .. but i don't think the newer gen. cards should go that high .. as for me , my card idle's around 45c-49c , and under load goes to 55c-65c
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