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Max payn 3 traler is it true

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no it was never said that mp2 is over ... the just sold their rights to some company and in credit it was said "the journey of max payne will continue through the night"


die blizzard die! D3?
Someone tell me why would anybody not make a game that is sure to sell million copies?I mean MP3 is sure to sell like hell whenever it comes out.


I agree but in computer games its not like this we sell rights now u start.....max payne series is over becoz when max payne 2 released rockstar started making alan wyke and it hasnt released yet......or whenever it releases after that rockstar will decide.....may be say after 25 years frm max payne 2 release rockstar say they again want to make max payne 3 series than it can be said its not over...and max payne series is the best game of all time...why would a company sell it at first place...

It will come but when no one knows untill alan wyke releases...than maybe rockstar says we making 3 or going on some new series..and so on
plus why does this video is only on youtube why not any news in google news or games site......plus the video is gr8 no doubt but half the time the darkness cover in short of the 1 minute 11 seconds 30 seconds of darkness 11 second of naming and all stuff....ofcourse a trick to make fool of peeps

from wikipedia
Max Payne 3

The ending to Max Payne 2 teases with a message at the end of the credits proclaiming, "Max Payne's journey into the night will continue", but the story itself seems to be over. The third game in the series was announced by Jeffrey L. Lapin, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive in 2004.[4] There have been no further announcements regarding the matter – even a developer for the third game has not been named. Remedy Entertainment's name was not mentioned in the announcement. At the same time, a post on Shacknews, apparently from someone claiming to be Mikael Kasurinen, a level designer for Max Payne 2, read "FYI: We are not making Max Payne 3.", though this has not been confirmed by anyone from Take Two.[5] GameSpot notes status of the game is cancelled.[6]
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