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Making phonecalls using the computer mic

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I have a BSN landline connection which is also linked to a Dataone connection, so I own an external ADSL modem too. Can anyone tell me how to make phone calls from my computer and talk using the mic and the speakers?


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First of all U cannot make local phonecalls to landlines or cellphones using only the ADSL modem. Second of all if U want to use the mic for making phone calls U need to have a voice modem connected to your phone line and the Tapi program which comes with windows xp inbuilt. U only have to install it from add/remove windows components. Run the program and keep it started. U can make and receive calls directly to ur computer. U can also try some VOIP softwares to make calls through internet but its always paid. See that your headphone and mic is working fine before U try this.


None of them allow PHONE CALLS... Read his post...

I used to call other's through the Windows 98 Phone feature... Forgot it's name actually.. But I don't have any modem right now... I use LAN internet... So I can't help

I used a Sm56 Modem Motorola...

Maybe that will help... Sorry I forgot the entire procedure but I hope this helps...
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