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Make a printer wireless


Right off the assembly line
I have a HP deskjet 3745 printer at my home and a D-link DIR 600 router for wi-fi along with two laptops. The problem i m facing is that every time i have to take a print i have to connect the printer to the laptop through the USB so i want to make the printer wireless. Please suggest any bluetooth or wi fi adapter which i can use to connect to my printer or a cheap n-router on which i can connect the printer too. A have a tight budget.


Cyborg Agent
You just have to set up printer sharing on the computer that the printer is hooked up to.

Open the Printer folder, and right click on the printer (you're doing this on the one that it's hooked up to). Click the sharing tab, and select the option to share the printer. Pick a name and hit "OK". Then go to the other computers and go to the printer folder again, and this time hit Add Printer. At that point it should give you the option to install either a local printer or a network one. Choose the network printer option, and chances are it will auto-detect the one on the other computer.


Right off the assembly line
the point is that i dont want to connect any laptop to the printer... i am looking for somrthing like a bluetooth dongle or a router so that i can print from anywhere in my home


Thanks for the information
you can use google to increase your program
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