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Are you sure? Is it possible to transfer on PC?

Btw I forwarded imp. msgs to other phone & formatted the lumia which is now with new buyer...


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^ It's for transfer b/w Bluetooth supported mobiles. Maybe, if you have Bluetooth dongle in your PC, you can check for yourself.


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This thread haven't been updated lately. So no improvement happened lately in Lumia 520? Or is it just the lack of 520 users in general?

Anyway, so I updated my dad's Lumia 520 with Win 8.1 update. The new features include a Notification Center, which resembles much like Android's own notification center but about 3 generation older. Also now number of tiles per column can be increased to four. Can use a single image as a background for the tiles. And new settings have been added like to cast your screen to a PC (but not wirelessly in case of 520) and option to limit bandwidth usage.

What I am not able to find is "Cortona". The help page told it's available in select countries. So does Indian users can't use Cortona?


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You can get Cortana Alpha by changing region and language settings to US

Also if you are on Win8.1 PFD you may get new updates such as cellular data toggle in the notification center.


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Still 520 tops WP.

Microsoft has confirmed that the vast majority of apps (71%) downloaded from the Windows Phone Storeare installed on low memory devices. These phones have 512MB of RAM or less and are running Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1.

The numbers are part of Microsoft's monthly app update for both the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. It adds that Windows Phone low-memory devices account for the top five devices for app downloads, with the Lumia 520, not surprisingly, the top device. Seven of the top 10 Windows Phones for app downloads are low memory devices.

Microsoft said:
"With 71% of downloads now coming from low-memory devices, you can more than double your potential market by optimizing your app to run on low memory devices. If that's not possible, consider creating a version with lower memory requirements to offer alongside your primary apps."


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^^ any specific reason? are you upgrading?

Shifting to Android. Vehemently disappointed with Windows. First, wasted countless hours and days breaking my head with duplicate pics and mp3 issue a year back. Later although solved through updates, made life already hell with this bug.
Second, I need to record calls for my work sometimes. Windows haven't yet figured out even in 2015 how to implement that !!
Third, Default Music player app is a nightmare or any other music apps which all share same functionality and complexities of playlist. Not able to edit playlist easily or queue up/ add to option songs on the go. No folder view in music player.
Fourth: App store has improved but still miles away from play store esp. most of the popular free apps of play store are paid in windows.
Fifth: Notification centre is a joke. Its better to use windows apps for settings shortcut on homescreen. Like Quick Settings. Quick Settings | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (India)
Sixth: File manager is not upto the mark.

Windows has great potential no doubt, but I think for microsoft too many cooks are spoiling the broth (OS). Here Maps are great, camera is superb, music quality hardware, ram, built quality all are better than android.
I will wait for a more matured windows version to come back...... till then its An droid for me.


Cyber Genius FTW bought a phone with a completely new OS,there were bound to be bugs initially and the simple fix for that issue was to sync using windows media player or windows phone app
2.Its a geniune concern,i get that
3.Despite all its bugs,its not like other operating systems have any bug free solution
4.thats no longer fully true,most games have started going free now also all necessary apps are free in Windows Phone,in android,you either get a massively locked down demo style version or a pirated copy off the internet
5.notification centre a joke? android Lollipop notification centre is far far worse in terms of design and usability
windows phone notif centre is clean and simple with no unnecessary add-ons
6.Im not sure i agree,I dont see whats missing,it works perfect

I respect you for giving windows a shot but dont mix your opinion with others and please elaborate further for certain points
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