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@akky89 - OP is from Kolkata and he is enquiring about Chandni Chowk located in Kolkata.... he he he. There is no copyright/registred trademark for the name "Chandnin Chowk" yet. :)


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if are getting a hd 5850 it is the card to go
although please note a hd 5850 is a powerhog and you will require a beefy psu to run it!
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HD 5850 costs more than 10K;
you can get HD 7770 at 8.1K in smc international, this will be the best card for you.
HD 7770 + Corsair VS-450 = 10.5K !!!


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When hd6850 was launched it was bit slower than hd5850 but with driver improvements performance between them is almost same but hd6850 consumes lesser power relatively.
HD7770 performs close to hd6850 but consumes a lot lesser amount of power than hd6850.

HD 5850 is selling for around 10k+ and is older gen so not worth it.hd6850 is a better option than hd5850.

hd 6850>=hd 7770>hd 6790>hd6770~hd7750>hd6750>gt640(ddr3)

In 6-7k range the cards to get are hd6770 and hd7750.Between 8-9k the cards to look for are hd6850 and hd7770
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Sapphire HD6750 1GB DDR5 @6.9K
Corsair VS450 @2.2K

You won't get any good nvidia card at your budget, so its better to go with AMD.
And remember, Coolermaster PSUs which will be inside your 2.5K budget, are very bad.

Yes thats true get corsair as suggested by db6mg

and for the gpu the HD 6750 is a very very vfm solution

+1 @panwala

hd 7750 is also 7k+


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The choice of card depends how much you can spend. If you can spend 9K + then just get HD 6850 and Corsair CX 430 V2. This will also be a future proof solution because currently HD 6850 can play games well 1080P and in future there is ahigh chance of playing demanding games @ 1366X768 resolution with good settings with this card. It also performs better in Tessellation heavy games compared to HD 6770 ( a rebranded HD 5770 with 3D support).


Hi. I own a HD 6850 2GB and it is bloody awesome. Gives me 400 to 500 fps constantly though I limit it to 250 in CoD4. I'd say it's an awesome card for 8k and I'd suggest that card to you as it is worth it. Very worth it. I play all games on ultra high settings and it is just lovely.
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