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Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage?

Love marriage or Arrange Marriage

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hi guys n gals what else shall i say. which do you think is rite? i know this waste of time. but this section is here to fight. :D For which will you support. and which do you think is good. Started this post in interest with peaceful decisions before getting married.


Love marriage.

Chahe ek se pyaar karun ya 2 4 se.

Love luv loveria love love love.

Hatt...Shaadi abhi karni kisko hai bas luv luv luv.




Supporting love marriage... 'coz I'm doing it..! :D :D
And seriously man, this is really a waste of time.. The topic is too stale...


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I would say love marriage. How can you marry someone for your whole life unless u know her.

Arranged marriages are good cos your parents know the best for you. After all, mom is the best in the world however they can't always be right. If arranged marriages were always good then we wouldn't be seeing all those after marriage cases where the husbands exploits wife.

Love Marriage is the way to go, or if you are going for arranged marriage then few months before the marriage let the couple interact with each other, let them meet, talk, understand each other.

( And give the number of the lady to me :D )


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Intel_Gigacore said:
i think this thread will be closed soon :(

nahh wont see that happening..

Love marriage ................cant spend rest of my whole life without even know person


What? Where? How?
I'd go for an arranged marraige, as they say u never truly know the person until u marry them. Plus there would be something new in the relationship :p


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Love marriage - You get to know the person you're going to spend your life with.
Arranged marriage - Sex comes first; everything else can wait.
marriage-if properly understood creates heaven here itself otherwise I need not say the opposite--it does not matter whether love or arranged,

as of me marriage is a big humbug..........


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Love marrige (If I actually find a girl who agrees to merry me :D:D).

Arrange marriges- How can you spend your life with a person you don't even properly know?


Question:: Abe agar arrange marriage ki to what am I gonna do for the first few months???
Ans:: Pehle aap, Pehle aap.:D


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see, arranged marriges are not always bad. I see many couples married here, even some of my friend guys & gals ( ya ya, those gals got married at 22, 23) are married like that & quite happy.
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