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Looking for the best mobile phone around 40k


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Hey everyone,
Christman is just a month away, and I am looking forward to gift a good phone to my girlfriend :)
My price range is 40k, +- 5k. Inquiring about it right now so that I can save enough money by the time Christmas arrives.
I've nominated the following phones, after much research-
- HTC One
- HTC Butterfly S
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3
- Sony Xperia Z1

Please give me valuable advice on which one to choose - I want to buy her the best phone in that bracket. Nokia, LG and Apple are excluded.
Also, please do mention any other noteworthy phone in the same bracket, if available.
Thanks in advance :)
If you were to buy for someone whom you wanna suck up to ---- Xperia Z1
If you were to buy for ME :D --------------------------------------------- LG G2
If you were to buy for your Girlfriend ----------------------------------- iPhone 5s

PS. They say buying gift for a random guy brings great reward via karma, specially if that person's name starts with M .


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+1 for G2, to me it looks like the best phone in the premium price bracket my only grievance being lG's official update policy


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Thanks for all the replies guys :)
The reason I'm not getting her an iPhone is because its just too fragile. In case it gets the slightest mishandling, it will be a big blow to my pocket. Even my girlfriend agrees to that.
So considering all the opinions, seems like tnere remain only to final choices - Xperia Z1 and LG G2.

Just want to ask if G2 is as durable as the Z1
if ur GF is a sports person or swimmer then get Z1
else G2

Z1 is definitely among the tougher/sporty phones in the current flagship arena. Checked several sites, Z1 survives 5 feet drop from all angles, (back,front,vertical). Credit goes to the robust design and the fact that when u drop it face down the Glass body and Front screen doesnt touch the ground(thanks to thick metal frame that protrudes a bit). The dragontrail glass is a good thing too but i kinda doubt it really contributes much since other dragontrail and gorilla glass 3 phones crack from 5 feet drops. LG G2 cracked in frontal drop and became unusable after vertical drop (check android authority drop tests)

More manufacturers should copy the Xperias. After all, whats the point of beautiful aluminium magnesium poly carbonate blah blah alloy bodies when they r so fragile that u have to put a ugly+thick+heavy cover on it.
Has anyone seen a iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s without a cover case?? Not me so far..So much for the beautiful aluminium design when all you can feel is the rubber cover case >_<


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So guys, I finally chose to select the Xperia Z1 :D
Its premium looks and feel, and more good looks should be enough to make it a special Christmas gift.
Thanks for the responses guys :)
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