Looking for a PDF viewer and editor

Please help me out....
Features i want in a PDF Editor and Viewer.
1) Viewing PDFs
2) Extracting text from PDFs for copy-pasting in MS Word (OCR)
3) (optional) Ability to edit some text, like when people spell names wrong in e-certificates and we need to make minor corrections

I dont want those trial version ones which keeps reminding me to upgrade to PRO version every day, nor do i want ones which has comprises like a permanent watermark.
I don't want subscription based PDF editor. I dont believe in "renting" softwares. I am willing to pay any amount (upto ₹10,000) of one time fee for full ownership (like our trusty old MS Office).
I know there are free browser based options and services , but i want something that works without the internet., and something i truly own.
If there are no options out there, i am willing to go the "underground" route , because i am done with the softwares we have these days.


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Perhaps try pro version of something like Foxit. Though I don't really have much experience with PDF editors myself.
For my minor work, PDF xchange editor free is working fine for me. They have a paid tier with one time fee, $72 for top tier plus. Worth trying out IMO.


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Try this Mircosoft PowerToy tool for text extraction from PDFs. PowerToys Text Extractor utility for Windows. It works great so far for me.
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