Looking for a compact SUV


Guys thinking of changing my 4yrs swift dzire.. With a compact suv like new SCross, ecosport, creta, etc within 14lakh budget and a diesel engine. For highway and small city rides.. Monthly commute ~5k kms..
Kindly advice..
Also getting my uncles shinny xuv500 for 9L.. 3yrs old..but pristine condition..

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Luckily you get tons of options in that range. The only thing for you to choose is the brand and the features as all are solid cars. Captur, Hexa, Creta, Ecosport, XUV are there to name a few. If you want a new car then book one before 31st and get many benefits. If that XUV is good then go for it.
P.S. Your monthly commute is too low to even think about the diesel variant.


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Older XUV 500 had issues that got subsequently fixed. So if you wanna go for it, go for 2016 and later models. And also 5k per month usage and and keeping in mind the engine capacity, Diesel variants are the better choice.


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Mr. Dutta go for the diesel one. Sorry I must have misread your usage. Rule of thumb is to go for diesel if usage is above 1.5-2k per month. Sorry.


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What about MUVs, for example, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga? I also drive this model, I bought it two months ago. Despite the fact, that this model is positioned as the seven-seater MUV, it looks compact, really. I was impressed by such unbelievable combination of large cabin and compact body. Not bad thing, I like it.
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