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Longhorn Transformation Pack 9.0

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I am no fan of it , but here it goes.

Changes in version 9.0:

Added contributed skin "Western (By Scott Eichelberger)"
Added first-run slient transforming mode for automatic transformation and uninstallation (perform when Windows starts)
Added Longhorn Transformation Pack - Maintenance Center (No more keeping full package to waste diskspace)
Added Rolando's Longhorn's MSN Messenger 6.2 and 7.0 skins (Aero UI and Longhorn Inspriat)
Fixed "February" and "December" month name error in Longhorn Tile
Fixed manual transformation bug for non-relative path launch (such as running apply.bat from address bar)
Fixed username text-size bug in Aero (Longhorn Glass) theme from Longhorn Aero
Updated compression software (save up little bit more space)
Updated E-Mail and website information
Updated more information regarding Before Transformation dialog and Themes service
Updated logo brand image (It's 2005 now)

This release has been verified by Microsoft in co-operation with Techconnect.


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ddi WindowsX added some trans effects this time like jameho??... i heard he was workin hard for this in background... ;-)

but still i hate LHTP...


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u can download this transformation pack at Softpedia.com

just search over there for this & download it, its free.


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Why u want Longhorn transformation pack, just go ahead and install Longhorn pre-released version, like build 4051, this is nothing but style xp... I hate it


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how to install it i mean do we have to take some special steps to install it because it does not get installed properly on my PC like fonts dont get changed and something like that.


no precautions as suchjust be sure u have the right version of xp
or the replaced dll , exe and cpl files will corrupt ur system
i for one never install the logonui.ece and ntoskrnl.exe
besides i have my own custom boot/logon screens so i never needed these


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The easiest thing to do is just rip out all the cool stuff frm the transformation pack & use them ureself so dat u don't compromise on system stability.I have ripped out the wallpapers,themes,bootscreen, logon screen,etc...so that i don't have to depend on some c**p installer which duznt tell me which files it is modifying! :twisted:
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