Linux Wars (pic: for tux users only)!!

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Let's laugh at each other shall we! :D :D :D (sorry posting a thumbnail would have spoiled the fun)



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saw that debian bashing pic loooooong back :evil:!Debian elitist here ;) I am a lil fetish on pain :D. for me,Ubuntu is just a reboot away!but i dont use ubuntu in u can understand that my posts are coming from my debian sid apt-pinned ;)

BTW,i liked how slack is bashed on the pic :lol: 95 came back to 2008 !thanks to volkerding and his kde supremacy theories :rolleyes: infact one distro i personally hate is slackware for,not bundling Gnome!though they bundled Xfce :x i got one of my finger up for volkerding!
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suse is always distant from FOSS before release of Opensuse(from novell).also novell is NOT loved for its patent deals with M$FT.apart from that opensuse is one hefty distribution with yast2 which needs a hella lotta time to set even a small software and sax!yes,suse is trying to lure windows users with its eyecandy and kkkkkdddeee(which i dont [like] want to use).they hides the terminal.
every user at one time or not have to deal with CLI aka terminal bash shell.
and suse's repository setup and trying to install fedora's rpms on suse! hough!enough!


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True, Novell's deal has alienated itself. But I just love this distro. And hey, YaST isn't as slow as it used to be. But then, I dont use YaST for Package Management, I use smart. And yeah, I'm a KDE fan.


YaST has improved a lot since 9.3 professional. I remember that in 10.1 and 10.2 it used to take ages to add a repository. Now its very fast. And offcourse if you want a shell you can always Alt+F2 xterm or konsole. Yes it is heavier on system resources than other popular distros ;-)
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