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Discussion in 'Open Source' started by paragkalra, May 7, 2006.

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  1. paragkalra

    paragkalra The Linux Man !

    Jan 6, 2006
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    Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
    Hey Guys and Gals,
    Lets start a new thread of Linux Wallpapers.
    If you have some intresting wallpaper on linux, post it here (LINK).
    Lets share some Cool and Interesting Linux wallpapers.
  2. Brat-Man

    Brat-Man Guest

    Screenshot 1: http://subbu.funpic.de/images/ubuntu/ubuntudesktop_0.jpg

    Thats Ubuntu Dapper with Ubuntulooks Theme and Ubuntu Human Icons..
    Call it Plain Ubuntu without Hardware Acceleration and Composite Libraries.
    (ie. XGL-Compiz)

    Screenshot 2: http://subbu.funpic.de/images/ubuntu/ubuntudesktop_1.jpg

    Thats the Same with XGL-Compiz.. You can See Trailfocus Plugin in action..
    Only the Selected Window is Bright.. the Inactive Ones are Transparent..
    Mind that the XGL Uses Virtually 0% Processor Usage for All Effects and Plugins.. It Solely Depends on your Graphics Card.. so Faster the Graphics Card, better the Effects.

    Screenshot 3: http://subbu.funpic.de/images/ubuntu/ubuntu_xgl_alttab.jpg

    Have any of you Seen Win Vista's Screenshots?.. That One is the Alt-Tab Switcher.. Very Similar to the One Used in Windows Vista. The Same Trailfocus is used Here.. One Selected in the Switcher is Bright and The Rest are Transparent.. Mind that what You're Seeing in the Switcher is Live.. i.e If a Video is Playing and you Press Alt-Tab. the Video will also be playing in the Switcher..

    Screenshot 4: http://subbu.funpic.de/images/ubuntu/ubuntu_xgl_cube.jpg

    Aah!! a 3D Workspace Switcher.. A Cube!! Mind that This is also Live.. So if its Playin/Workin.. Its Workin in the Cube Too.. and The XGL-Compiz Workspace is a Single Workspace.. That Means you can Pass-on the Windows to another Side of the Cube.. You Can See Firefox in the Middle..

    Screenshot 5: http://subbu.funpic.de/images/ubuntu/ubuntu_xgl_miniwin.jpg

    Miniwin Plugin.. More Like a Live Task-Bar.. Except its too Buggy Currently..

    Screenshot 6: http://subbu.funpic.de/images/ubuntu/ubuntu_compose_switcher.jpg

    Have any of you Guys seen Apple's Kompose (or Whatever?).. It "Arranges" the Windows in a Dashboard when you Press F12.. So You Can Get a Overview of Whats on your Desktop..

    For Other Coooool Effects I Cudnt Take Screenshot:

    Wobbly- You'll Love this Plugin!!!! It Makes the Windows Wobbly when You Move, Maximize, etc.. Its More like Rubberish-Windows.. This one is Extremely Cool Effect.. (but I Cudnt Take a Screenshot)

    Minimize- If You have use MacOSX/Vista.. you'll Have Noticed the Cool Minimize Feature.. Its Exactly the Same..

    Also mind that Compiz version is 0.0.9.. (not even Alpha!!!).. So You Can Expect Better, Stable Compiz in the Future (Hey!! Its Quite Stable now Itself!!)

    XGL uses OpenGL Hardware Acceleration.. (Vista uses DirectX)
    Compiz is Composite Libraries.. (Project started by Novell, expect Next SuSE to be Rockin!!)

    There is Also AIGLX (same as XGL)..
    which will be by Default included in Fedora Core 6 and Many other Distros.
    So Coolness Right out of the Box!!
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