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Laptop within 45K max with specific requirements


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Dear Members
Need to buy laptop

My requirements are:

What's your Budget?
35 to 40K (45k maximum)

What will be your primary usage for the notebook be?
I am NON gaming person.
Main Usage:
Multiple applications like word youtube email client some office app simultaneously open
NO video processing , Simply watching videos

What size and weight considerations do you have?
15.6 Inch ideally

MUST at a minimum - SSD 256GB
Desirable - SSD nvme 256gb will do or nvme m. 2 slot atleast so that I can add by separate purchase

Ram 8gb atleast (Desirable - with provision to add another ram of 8 gb by separate purchase)

Optional but desirable - One more inbuilt hard disk space inside wherein I can add hdd or Ssd

Decent Display Screen

Willing to try ryzen over intel

Graphics card
Not a gamer
No content creator
I Guess even integrated graphics might do

No need for optical drive

Don't require thin or light weight


Pls be specific about model number.


Broken In
Wow good suggestion thank u thats why i requested for this bcz i knew i might have missed something.
Excellent suggestion
Just wondering if we can get i5 or better ryzen processor if we spend a little bit more say another 5 to 8K bcz once purchased will use it for minimum 2-3 years
Thanks again


Right off the assembly line
Flipkart has some good options for you.
Keeping your max budget of 45k as a hard stop

HP Ryzen 3 Quad Core 5300U - (8 GB/512 GB SSD/Windows 11 Home) 15s-eq2143au (15.6 inch, Natural Silver, 1.69 Kg, With MS Office)

For peace of mind I would recommend sticking to a quad core processor setup for win10/11.
The battery of the above HP is on the lower side but if you can live with that then it's a good buy for your requirements.
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