Laptop Starts with white screen and nothing happens


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This morning, f**k the rains. I started my laptop.
As the battery was connected [ i knew the battery was low ].

So i started my laptop the same way.
Windows icon came.
I connected my charger.
nothing happened from then.

now only white screen comes on laptop.
any solutions ?

i live in mumbai. a
do you know any cheap repair shops ?

ps: i removed the battery . started with power supply only
i cleaned the battery and started with / without the power supply.

when the power button is pressed on, the graphic card gets on for 5 sec then off.
[ i can sense the air coming out, for 5 sec the off.]

but the dvd writer is on. and comes out even after 5 sec.

laptop name : acer aspire 5755g
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