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Laptop Needed for budget around 60k


Right off the assembly line
I am an avid internet surfer and movie watcher. But most importantly a writer and movie maker (sort of).

I know it is a hard task to edit movies on a laptop and I have always used FCP on iMacs so I am not so sure about getting a windows laptop. But I guess in this budget I can't afford a Macbook even after student discount. I don't have to edit movies on a regular basis though so don't consider it a priority.

My priorities: I want a lightweight laptop with keyboard backlight, good sound and sturdy body. Good processor and battery life (at least 5-6 hours). And something that could compete with Apple's display.

I have been told that I should buy a Macbook on EMI but some others have told me that Apple is not worth it. Should I buy the Basic Macbook air 11 inch which might come to about 65 after discount or just buy some other laptop? What other laptops can I get in this budget?

Quick replies would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :heart_NF:
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